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Using Technology to Transform Our Cities

Civic I/O mayors are seeking creative solutions to real, pressing, civic challenges.

Join our cause in 2018 with these three opportunities:

  • Pitch your company at the Mayors Matchup
  • Showcase your technology at the Mayors Garage
  • Present your ideas at Leader-to-Leader

Pitch your idea to a panel of mayors and industry experts for a chance to win your share of $20,000.

Mayors need creative solutions to our most pressing challenges, now more than ever. Cities need your help to find the next generation of solutions to their biggest issues such as transportation, civic engagement, housing, job creation, education, health, and many more. Pitch your product, company, or program to a panel of mayors and get the opportunity to win funding to match up with cities to test or implement your solutions.

Pitches will be judged on how well they indicate an ability to solve a civic problem, as well as how promising the company or idea is in regard to team, market validation, product/service fit, business model, and growth trajectory.

*Applicants must include a video pitch (less than 2 minutes) and must be physically present to pitch if selected.

Those selected to pitch will receive $1,000 for participating and up to $20,000 based on the panel of mayors’ judging decisions.

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Showcase your cutting-edge technologies and innovations.

As technology quickly evolves from science fiction to science fact, innovative entrepreneurs and companies can preview their new, dynamic, disruptive technologies to over 30 of America’s more prominent mayors before they the new technology hits the street of their cities.

Our previous events featured autonomous cars, innovative housing alternatives, drone technology, VR/AR, transportation technologies, and AI. Be a part of a select group that presents to mayors from across the country with the chance to demo your product to them 1:1.

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Inspire and engage with the mayors before SXSW gets into full swing.

SXSW is focused on bringing the next BIG idea into the forefront. What are the emerging trends or issues that will be what everyone is talking about in the future? Inspire and engage mayors on how new technologies or innovative trends are going to impact our world with a 5-minute TED-style talk in front of an audience of over 30 leader from America’s most prominent cities. Converse with them 1:1 after the talks in an intimate networking event at the conclusion of the event.

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