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Civic I/O mayors are constantly seeking creative solutions to real, pressing civic challenges. We provide those mayors and companies a place to uncover and design solutions together. The goal isn’t disruption but evolution — finding products and services that are a win-win for both cities and startups. We also help companies and mayors continue their collaboration after the competition has ended, working with both to facilitate the relationships necessary to develop tailored, stress-tested solutions for real-world cities.

“While our political landscape has changed in the past year along with ever-accelerating technology, one thing that remains true is the potential for the technology industry and cities to partner to create positive results for people across this country.”
Mayor Steve Adler
Austin, TX

About the Pitch

Introduce Civic I/O mayors to your company, product, technology, or idea in this unique pitch competition that occurs during our annual summit.

Pitch your idea to a panel of the country’s foremost mayors and industry experts for a chance to win $10,000.

Gain exposure to 20+ mayors from across the country while being an integral part of addressing civic challenges.

The winner will also have the opportunity to pitch at the 2022 US Conference of Mayors Annual Meeting in Reno, where over 200 Mayors will be present.

"The Civic I/O pitch competition has been incredibly valuable. We were able to receive constructive feedback directly from mayors and their offices. Winning the competition earned us significant validation and national attention, allowing us to connect with other cities seeking change at the intersection of mental health and public safety."
Dr. Elizabeth Truong, Cloud 9
2019 Mayors Matchup at SXSW


Helping people gain the social and financial support they need to find a stable home

State of Place

Harnessing the power of data to more quickly, efficiently, & effectively deliver places people deserve


Bringing together human listening and machine learning to fuel public processes and community decision-making


A generational partner here to support generational improvements of the air we breathe


Strengthening the ability of public defenders to analyze crucial data with evidence management software

Good Call

Creating systemic transformation by using technology and community organizing to provide immediate access to legal support

“Participating in the Civic I/O pitch event was pivotal for us. We work directly with mayors' offices - so the exposure we got to some of the country's most innovative civic leaders put our team and our technology on the map."
Newsha Ghaeli, Biobot Analytics
2018 Mayors Matchup at SXSW

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